Pregnancy: a time of change

Pregnancy is a time when many new questions arise. How should I eat now? What should I drink? Habitual behaviour patterns should be examined and adapted to the “different circumstances”. It’s an exciting time. After all, one has to think and act for two now.
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Pregnancy: what should I be aware of?

During this sensitive period of pregnancy, the expectant mother has a significantly increased need for fluids, nutrients and minerals, rather than for more calories Read more
Pregnancy und mineral water

Pregnancy and minerals

During pregnancy certain minerals take over essential bodily functions. Minerals and their importance in the human body are a science in itself. Read more
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Which mineral water?

The mineral content of the various mineral waters and medicinal waters can differ a lot. Is “low in sodium” really the measure of all things? Perhaps, particularly during pregnancy a little more is allowed? Read more

>>>: During pregnancy: drink mineral-rich mineral water.
Pregnancy | mineral water

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